Barricade Specifications

Below is specific information on all of our crowd control and barricade products. What kind of barriers are you looking for?


Stage Barricade

  • 39 3/8″ wide
  • 47 1/4″ tall
  • 49″ long
  • 70 Lbs each
  • Light weight simplifies transportation & assembly.
Secure & solid build

3 internal hooks & one steel bolt create 4 points of connection for each unit. Providing increased structural integrity and sturdiness.

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Other models include:

Flex Piece Barricade

Snake Gate Barricade

Bike Rack Barricade

Barricade Rentals

8 Feet long

Easy Assembly & Teardown

2 Hooks per unit connect each piece together to create a secure connection between all the pieces of the barricade.

Our newest Bike Rack Barricade model includes adjustable leg heights. This new design is internal and allows for no pesky bolt removal and insertion when setting up.

Type III Barricade

  • 6 Foot sections of traffic control barricade
  • Easy assembly with 2 removable bases
  • Square shape provides superior wind load capabilities and inhibits warping