Emergency response

For any Coronavirus (COVID-19) needs that require barricade or fencing rentals, please contact us 24/7. We are standing by, and striving to achieve same day delivery to essential emergency service requests.

All local businesses need to adapt to social distancing requirements for continued operations. Help ensure the safety and comfort of both employees and patrons alike by incorporating some crowd control methods into your daily routine.

Our Bike Rack Barricade and Reinforced Barricade is perfect for queues/lines and other social distancing needs between people. Temporary Fence Rentals are great for perimeter security and controlling the flow of people and equipment at essential business sites such as, Construction sites, Healthcare Facilities and Grocery stores.

Bike Rack Barricade
temporary fence
Temporary Fence Rentals
Stage Barricade set up for event
Reinforced Barricade

We have partnered with other local barricade providers to pool 4,000 feet of barricade for emergency requests. We have the ability to service locations around North Carolina simultaneously. We can be en-route the same day you call, and deliver within hours of your order.