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Crowd Control solutions customized to YOUR needs.

Trying to find barricade equipment for sale? Whether you are in the market for short-term leases, seasonal leases or even purchasing your own crowd control equipment, TAP Barricade Rentals is here to help you with your unique needs.

Additionally, TAP Barricade offers fully customizable barricade options for your production company, venue or festival. We are able to make products customizable to your needs. Ranging from product alterations, branding, and even new designs! Both our Stage Barricade and Bike Rack Barricade can be laser etched with your branding for enhanced recognition during use.

Products available for sale:

Visit our specifications page for more information on our products.

A few of the pictures on the left are from our recent client The Orange Peel, in Asheville, North Carolina. The Stage Barricade is for use at their music venue, along with the Highlands Brewing music venue. Along with the Orange Peel, we have worked with Pisgah Brewing Company, and their barricade equipment needs.

TAP Barricade prides itself in offering some of the most competitive prices for all of its products throughout the crowd management & crowd control industry.

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