Temporary Fencing Rentals

Temporary Fence Rentals in
North Carolina

Our 6’x10′ temporary fence panels are perfect for your next large event. For the best perimeter security at your event or construction site, our fence panel rentals will do the job. Along with the rest of the products we offer, bringing your fencing requirements to TAP will not only save you money, but prevent massive headaches down the road! 

With over a quarter mile of fencing now available, we can fulfill a wide variety of orders that include not only fencing rentals, but bike rack and stage barricade rentals as well.


We are proud to say that our temporary fence rentals do not require hundreds of sandbags to operate safely. Not only making your worksite or event site safer, but ultimately saving you money! Most other fence rental companies will charge you per sandbag, we are excited to say that’s not necessary with TAP. 

Temporary Fence Privacy Screens available!

For events and construction sites requiring extra privacy, we offer privacy screen for temporary fencing at a reasonable rate. 

Rent A Fence with us today! 

Now offering anti-climb fencing!

Anti-climb welded wire fencing is now available. Call 919-889-9699 Today.

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