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Lightweight aluminum crowd control stage barricade rentals provide the best option for crowd management at your next major event. Reach out to us for more information!

Our blow-through barricade is perfect for concerts and music festivals of all sizes. We also carry these Crush Barricade models:

Flex pieces

Great for barricade assembly on uneven surfaces and to create thrusts into the audience to help crowd management plans. 

Snake gates

Perfect for events that need to run critical cables through barricade directly to Front of House. 

Straight Barricade Piece

Provides the most structural strength for your barricade solution.

The most essential stage barricade piece we provide. With dozens of these pieces in inventory, we can handle any of your needs!

Your Event Will Benefit From Our Crowd Control Stage Barricade Rentals

Our stage barricade rentals are the best crowd control tool for your next event. Our Blow-through barricade offers a lightweight, and effective solution for a range of major events. There are plenty of events and other situations where our stage barricade rentals would be useful. Check out a few examples below:

  • Parade Barricade
  • Riot control barricade
  • Other special event barricade
  • Concert Barricade
  • Music festival barricade
  • Political Rallies

Contact us today to secure your Crush Barrier needs!

All of our barrier models include our interlocking hooking system. Without the typical “Nipple System” that connects each piece, we have removed the risk of losing these essential parts of your barricade

If your next event or party requires a serious crowd management plan, then contact us today for more information on our reinforced crowd control barricade rentals.

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