Traffic Barricade Rentals

Need to close streets or throughways for your next event? Type 2 & 3 Barricade is a cheap solution to road-closure and an essential part of any crowd control effort. Many cities across the state require Type III and/or Type II barricade to be set up before the commencement of any event, don’t forget an essential!

TAP Barricade Rentals now offers Type 3 barricade, and Type 2 barricade for rent across North Carolina. Square shape provides superior wind load capabilities and prevents warping

Paired with our bike rack barricade and stage barricade, we can provide a full package dedicated to keeping your crowds under control. 

Let us handle your road closure barrier needs for your next event or construction project. Now offering Road Closed signs for rent along with you other needs!

Contact us today to secure your road closure barricade!

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