Buy or rent? Factors that influence your investment in crowd control

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Deciding whether to purchase or rent barricade is a major decision. There are many factors to consider when faced with this dilemma. To decide whether renting or purchasing is your best bet, you need to consider the following:

• The frequency you will need barricade
• The type of event(s) (street festival, music festival, concert, etc.)
• The size of your event(s)
• The risk associated with your event(s) (mosh pits, potential riots, crowd surges)

Who rents crowd control equipment?

The option to rent crowd control equipment is great for people who are putting on an event for the first time, for people who only have one to two events per year, and for people whose events require small amounts of multiple types of barricade. A low frequency of events is the main factor that prevents renters from purchasing crowd control equipment because making an investment requires additional year-round logistics and costs including storing and transporting the barricade.

Who buys over renting?

Many people decide to purchase their crowd control equipment. The most important aspect to consider is the frequency of use. Many music venues, production companies, and cities opt to purchase their crowd control barricade dependent on their frequency of use and their available budget.

Unforeseen expenses with purchase

Purchasing equipment means equipment maintenance. Over time, the smaller pieces of crowd control equipment can wear down. Luckily, some barricade is designed so that these small pieces are easily replaceable with minimal effort and cost to the owner.

You should also be very careful about who you purchase your barricade. Look for a provider who will be consultative and honest about the risks and benefits, communicative, and have extra parts available. Nothing beats having your equipment on hand and ready to go at a moment's notice. Not having to wait for quotes, delivery fees and travel time make owning your own barricade a worthwhile investment.

Bike Rack Barricade

As with stage barricade, you should look for bike rack barricade that are built tough. Being built in the U.S.A. is a good sign, as it likely means higher quality material. If you invest in bike rack, something to consider before purchasing that you might not know is to get product with interlocking hooks inside the frame so you never have to worry about them snapping off and needing to be replaced.

Next Steps

Are you considering renting or purchasing crowd control equipment, but can't decide what the best option is for your business or event? Contact us today for a free consultation here!

Image of TAP Barricade & Fencing Rentals
TAP Barricade & Fencing Rentals

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