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Barricade & Fence rentals in Winston-Salem, NC

Barrier and fencing rentals for Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and the surrounding area.

Not far from our main location in Raleigh, we are able to provide Winston-Salem barricade and fencing rentals at an affordable rate. On top of that we can provide our Bike Rack barricade, Temporary Fence, Stage barricade, and traffic barricade rentals in a speedy manner. Our Winston-Salem crowd control rentals have a wide range of uses.

Call 919-889-9699 or email us for a free quote on your next Winston-Salem Barrier and fencing rental needs!

Bike Rack Barricade Rentals

These barricades are perfect for many different events. Bike Rack Barriers are an essential piece to many events. Ranging from music festivals, marathon barricade & 5K Barricade, and even State Fairs! Easy transportation & installation.

With your event coming up in Wiston-Salem, don’t forget to contact us for your barrier rental needs.

Stage Barricade Rentals

For your next Music Festival or concert, our Stage barricade rentals are the perfect fit for you. With high capacity crowds, there’s no better way to ensure your crowd control plan then by using our Blow-through barricade rentals. With our aluminum barricade rentals, you can rest easy during your next event in Winston-Salem.

Call us today for more information, and a free quote! 


With our inventory currently offering Class 2 & Class 3 barricades. These types of barriers are a requirement for any marathon or 5K event. Along with that, any event that requires a road closure will also require these road closure barricades. There’s no limit to the uses of these barrier rentals.

Get in touch with us today for more information on our Traffic barricade rentals in Winston-Salem. For your next construction site, Marathon, or other event, we can help!


6x12' fence panels are a great choice for a wide variety of construction sites and events of all sizes. It can provide a high level of security and is easily transportable. 

Our Rent a Fence in Winston-Salem is headache free to secure your next project. Locally owned, you can count on TAP to give you a level of service and product that beats the big name competition. When you Go with us for your fence rental needs and instantly start saving money!


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